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Rosemary Beach is a neo-traditional beachfront community situated on the northwest side of Florida’s gulf coast, in between Panama City and Destin, at the eastern end of Scenic Route 30A. This idyllic getaway town is on the verge of becoming the newest American vacation destination thanks to its ongoing popularity among travel magazines. Bursting with family-friendly vibes, striking architecture, and exceptional coastal cuisine, this town is a traveler’s favorite among famed destinations. Its sugary white sand beach is a paradise itself, enjoyed by many. With these charms, hundreds of visitors find themselves traveling to what is dubbed as the Hamptons of the South.

Rosemary Beach gets too crowded, especially in the summer. Since it’s a well-planned community, it’s known for being a safe place for tourists. The absence of big hotel chains and high-rise buildings is apparent; however, a significant number of rental properties can be found in many parts of the area, catering to arriving visitors daily. Most locals in Rosemary Beach belong to multi-generational families who like spending their holidays with loved ones in their second homes.

With the popularity surge of Rosemary Beach, more and more people choose to stay long-term to enjoy the town. One of the most popular go-to places for apartment renting is Rosemary Beach Apartment Rentals. Its 130 selections can be easily compared through its verified reviews, ratings, and photos. It has the best spaces with complete amenities available for booking guests. Another establishment, Rosemary Beach Florida Vacation Rentals also offers amazing beachfront rentals, cottages, and houses, be it to couples, families, and even to renowned celebrities.

At One Fine BnB, we work hard to deliver to you the best properties in Rosemary Beach. Our Rosemary Beach Cottage Rental Agency provides exquisitely designed gulf front cottages ideal for small groups or large families of 10 or more. Check out our listings now and discover the perfect getaway paradise you wouldn’t want to miss.

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